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I woke up today feeling a sort of heaviness in my spirit.
Still feeling sadness from the election news and the concern of our future.
I know and realize God is on his throne and is in control
but it still feels incredibly disappointing that we have to deal with more devastating economic issues for the next four years.
I am glad that my hope is not in man or politics.
My intention to write for 31 days last month didn’t work so well.
Through that process I discovered that the zeal for writing is inspired by a stirring in my spirit
not from a challenge placed upon me by other writers.
Writing is hard and sharing from one’s heart even harder.
If I have said that once I will say it many times over.
It cannot be forced or mandated it has to be from a hearts need
to share something deep within.

We are heading into the season of thanksgiving.
I pray we will not fall into the mass thinking that thanksgiving is minimal and Christmas is more important.
We always have things to be thankful for if we look closely.
For me thanksgiving is the most important day and concept.
I am not forgetting the power of the birth of the baby and the Christmas story.
But if we cannot learn to be thankful we won’t appreciate the depth of what God has done for us.
My heart remains heavy for many things and for many reasons.
Will you join me today to slow down.
To breathe in the breath of life you have been given.
To be thankful for all things both good and bad.
The lessons are what we receive in the midst of the journey
no matter how hard the journey has been for us.
Shall we begin today to seek the one who sits on the throne and keeps all order
even though we don’t understand and don’t feel peaceful about the outcome.
Today is all we have.
We don’t have yesterday and tomorrow is not given to us yet.
Shall we begin today to give thanks to the one who most deserves it.