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When our hearts bleed from deep pain and grief
all we can do is trust in the one who gave us the feelings and
thank Him for the ability to cry.
To sit with another and say nothing
when their hearts are grieving…is a gift we can give them.
Our pastor taught today on Job.
The story of Job is in the Old testament about a man who loved God.
Who stayed firm and strong in his testimony in the midst of losing everything dear to him including his health.
Job lost many things and still he praised God.
I challenge you to read the book of Job.
He was a wealthy man and yet he was brought down to nothing.
Loss is part of life but we are never prepared when it happens.
Like a rug pulled out from under our feet we slam to the floor
unsure if we can get back up again.
When we reach up and ask another to be with us
we begin to realize we cannot do this walk alone.

Joining Deidra on jumping tandem with the Sunday community
{unsure of who took the photograph ~ found it in my picture file}