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Three years and six days after our son was born, we had another baby.
Tomorrow she will be 44.
Like it was with our son, we had no idea what we were having we just knew we wanted another baby.
I was sick like I was with our son, and it was pretty obvious I was expecting.
Back then my weight was low, and I think the day of delivery I was only about 109 pounds.
As the baby grew, we realized it was in a breech position and preparations for a C-section were in order.
Back then the ultrasounds were not real clear, but it was enough for us to see, baby head up and buns down.
The day of delivery was sooner than planned.
We had gone to a birthday party for my husband’s brother, I had felt a bit odd but nothing to startling.
I had contractions always, so it was nothing new to experience them.
After we got home, we went to bed and about four hours later I was very uncomfortable.
Waking my husband up to let him know, these are very close and getting harder.
I had my ultrasound picture in my pocket when we entered the hospital.
The contractions were closer and stronger, and I could have had the baby in the elevator.
They panicked when they realized baby was breech. Not only breech but head up, back to my front and buns down.
(I used to cup my hand around the baby’s head as I watched tv at night.)
Our baby girl joined our little family.
We named her Sarah.
She was not only a surprise but a completion of our little family of four.
Our son was six pounds born at 5:35 pm and our daughter was five pounds a few weeks early born at 5:13am.
Christopher was happy with his sister and even more happy that she didn’t affect his birthday.
We had a complete family, and we began to grow as a couple and as parents in the following years.
Three years and six days after our son turned three, we had a baby girl.