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This season of waiting is the most surreal season I have ever experienced.
At age 65 you would think I have dealt with a lot of stuff and I think I have, but this is very strange.
A virus putting the entire United States and even beyond that in a weird sort of quarantine phase.
It is a deadly virus. Many have died and many have survived and no one really knows how it arrived here.
I personally feel this ‘pause’ is kind of good for us all; but I really miss family and friends.
The not being able to go out when you want is kind of hard but it’s for a good reason.
Togetherness is weighing heavy on many children’s hearts and even parent’s who are weary of the entrapment feeling.
Not that they don’t love or want to be with their children but all the time, 24-7 is hard.
I cannot imagine being a parent of a small child or two and having to stay inside all the time.
In Oregon we are allowed outside to walk or do some social distancing; exercise or shopping for essentials but some states are not open.
Some states it is mandated to stay inside.
Even here if one is caught trespassing on a path for walking it is a $1200 fine.
The days of going to the beach, park or camping are not here.
Not now, not yet. Not for several months.
I think when it all breaks open I still will move with caution; since I am considered a ‘cancer patient’ with a fragile radiation history.
We do most of our social visiting over the phone using a zoom call or a family video call or our church is even doing services over the internet.
It is changing many things for many people.
Some companies are allowing employees to work from home.
Some companies are laying off or letting people go… and some are never returning.
It is a strange time for sure.
I often think of the scripture verse, “hope deferred makes a heart faint.”
Wishing to go somewhere. Wanting to do something other than staying home.
I guess it means I must be patient.
I can go to the beach again someday. I can stay in our trailer again. someday.
The season of waiting is hard but ever so necessary.
Let’s be still and KNOW HE is GOD in this.