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Two standing together
 fall of 1973 November 3rd.

Thirty nine years ago were were young and barely out of high school.
Not really knowing what we were doing or saying as we stood in the front of that sanctuary.
Many came to watch us say our vows as we stood with fear and uncertainty.
It was a ceremony that changed us.
For the good and for the rest of our lives.
In the years to follow we made a family.
A son came then a daughter.
Then they both married and had sons and daughters making us grand parents.
It has been both challenging and beautiful.
We have had scary times and fun times.
We have learned throughout the years each others personalities and humor.
God has strengthened us when we felt weak and didn’t think we could go any further and
he kept us walking towards the goal of being a family and a team.
I am grateful you have stood by me in my worst days and kept the promise to love me.
It has been a journey we never could have prepared for.
No books can tell you what life is like day in and day out.
It is a commitment.
It is life of hope.
Shall we try for another thirty nine years?