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The excitement in the air must have been contagious.
Can you imagine what Joseph and Mary were talking about with each other?
I wonder what the conversation sounded like.
Did they share the angels words with each other or did they share what they saw?
They both heard life changing words.
“Mary you are favored among all”
“Joseph, don’t be afraid to take her as your wife.”
Life changing words always affect us.
The doctor appointment says: You have a serious disorder.
The boss tells you: Your job is ending.
The marriage is not working this time and you can’t fix it.
The unexpected baby to be that you are now responsible for.
The car accident that you just happened to be in.
All of these are life changing.
Joseph and Mary had a journey ahead of them.
They had no idea what that would mean or what was even being asked of them.
To raise a son who was ‘God’ in flesh.
To teach him and encourage him and love him deeply.
I can’t imagine what that must have been like.
To hold him and realize ‘you are holding’ a very special son.
That out of many others you were chosen and hand picked to do the honor of loving another until the appointed time to let him go
‘back to the father’.
My other thought was both sets of their parents must have been very understanding.
It was a very special time for Joseph and Mary and many things we are not told.
We all have life changing or life altering moments.
We can allow them to heal us or to hurt us.
The way we receive the news or the words spoken is a choice.