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My husband is taking a heart stress test. The waiting is always hard.
The waiting room is filled with others waiting, for their names to be called or their loved ones who they brought.
I see a daughter with her elderly parents, he was in a wheelchair, the mom was using a walker. I thought of how it was many years ago when they were taking care of her.
I look around and observe the eyes of others, focused on the cell phones to pass the time as they wait.
The waiting is always hard.
If I had kept track of the many hours waiting for one thing or the other, it would be another part of my lifetime.
I look out the window and rain has slowed down. It is cold but not so bone cold like the last few weeks.
I sit here with my mask on, for protection from the unknown airborne germs.
It doesn’t bother me to wear a mask. I like being healthy.
When I worked in a pharmacy I came down with the mumps. Airborne germs one cannot see but they linger after a patient leaves the room.
It actually happened two times, the first time was the full force case of the mumps in my late 40’s then it returned a few weeks later.
I do my best to be careful now.
Hospitals are not my favorite places; I am not medical in any way.
When my husband had health issues it was up to me to help but believe me, I am not a nurse.
You do what needs to be done and pray for healing fast.
The pharmacy didn’t feel medical because we had a store like look with other supplies inside.
The people often were very interesting. Some very challenging some very enjoyable.
The seniors were always my favorite and the little kids.
My training as a stock clerk was by the seat of my pants, having no experience or retail background. I worked there over 8 years before I left.
Would I do it again? No, I am retired.
It was a life experience that I don’t need to repeat.
My husband will soon be out of his stress test, and we can head back to our home.
The waiting is always hard.