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The time for reflection continues even though it’s the week after Easter.
Our church on Sunday saw many get baptized and many gave their lives to Jesus for the first time.
It’s amazing and wonderful to see the excitement and growth within our church.
There are a lot of people who I don’t know or recognize anymore but that is fine I don’t have to know them.
I think because the world is so crazy these days people want to know the peace that only Jesus can give.
Plus our church has been focusing on prayer and priorities and looking for a place to settle in.
The miracles keep taking place. We were able to rent a school which six months ago was not possible.
Also we were able to find and put money and paperwork on a building that can be remodeled in a year or so.
It will be our permanent building.
Our church is 20 years old and it’s time to put some permanent roots down.
The community supports us and we support them.
It is a win/win situation and it will be so exciting to see how it all plays out.
Our pastor has grown and the staff is doing what is necessary to keep him rested and ready to serve.
It is exciting to be a part of a body of believers who are not playing church but rather learning to be more spiritual and walk deeper in the faith.
God is real. God is powerful. We have seen and experienced His power and blessings.
I wonder where are you today in a walk with the Lord? Belief is so easy. Trust is too.
All it takes is a heart desire to know without a shadow of doubt that God is who He said He is and His love was poured out to us on Easter because there was no other way.
He knew it would end well. He also knew it had to be hard and harsh.
It was love that gave us Hope.
I pray that you know today, what you believe and what you know to be true.
God loved us so much that HE gave His only son, so that we (whoever believes in Him) might have life forever.
That is a pretty awesome promise.