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The story begins on this day of December 1st.
We start out with our decorations, and music and traditions of this season.
Nativity sets are found and set out on the table, we watch shows on our TV that celebrate the season.
The Christmas story has been told in so many ways, some traditional and some not.
In children’s programs little children dress up as shepherds and wise men joining little Joseph and Mary while holding a doll.
We go to church and see trees decorated in shiny lights and tags for us to purchase for others.
It is the season for giving and for remembering and for singing the carols that touch our souls.
Oh Holy Night is always a favorite and we cannot sing that without visualizing the words we sing.
The beauty and the simple birth. The simple couple who walked a road of unknowns following a path laid out for them by the angel.
It wasn’t easy; for it wasn’t ever meant to be. The journey would be long and exhausting.
It is a story that remains strong for years and years, giving hope and love for us.
The story moved from the Old Testament; to the New Testament fulfilling prophecy that was spoken.
There are many details using many characters to complete what was planned.
The story is about love, and obedience and life and hope.
Every detail was ordained and written so we can see the true miracle as it unfolded.
The story begins as we are told with Mary holding everything near and dear to her heart.
The details were orchestrated long before a baby was born.
It had to happen so that we could know a Savior.
The story tells all the magnitude of what it meant for us.
That God in his master plan would design a way for us to receive salvation and hope.
The way would be through His son. The Christ child, the baby Jesus.
Let us move through this Christmas story and remember God’s love for us through the powerful meaning of the virgin birth.
A baby would be born and he would be named Jesus.