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The other day I kept thinking about the verse in Proverbs which is in the Bible, that gives great meaning to our current situation.
Proverbs 13:12
The one I originally thought of, said: Hope deferred makes the heart faint.
But when I went to look it up I could not find the word faint I found the word sick.
The word sick also fits because we can be sick from waiting, with a sad heart, like a heart break.
Then I looked up the meaning of deferred. It means; withheld or until a stated time. Delay.
Hope deferred makes a heart sick; because the desire to go places, see people, be away from the ‘rigid’ lockdown is forbidden.
In some states some have been arrested for going to a park, or on a walk or for not following the rules.
It’s so totally against our ‘United States of America’ to set rules that tell us where and when we can or can’t go.
A simple trip to the store now requires rules to abide by.
A visit to the Doctor’s office brings more risk right now than help.
This has been really hard on the kids who had to learn from home after they closed down the schools.
And the parents, my goodness the parents; had to juggle school, work and daycare that is not open.
We struggle. We wait. We pray.
There is a season where all that we know and feel comfortable with; is no longer here.
Life as we know it; is delayed right now.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
Freedom. A tree has branches which means all aspects of our life will open up and we will be free to go somewhere.
To be with people we care for and spend time with, the desire of so many of us is to go to the beaches, the lakes, the campgrounds.
To spend time with loved ones and hug and experience the grand children.
To finally get a hair cut or manicure.
Hope deferred makes a heart sick, and sad and kind of hopeless.
We will get through this virus stage and we will someday have a lot to share about it.
For now, I’m reminded.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes; it is a tree of life.