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Now that the new word has come the next thing to do is to acknowledge it and decide how it is going to change your year.
Have you ever done a focused word for the year? It’s very life changing. Last year my word was breathe and it really showed me how much I didn’t stop and pay attention to my breath.
This years word is good for me personally.
There is a lot of cleaning and purging to do in my writing room and also within many boxes that are stored.
Then there are closets still full of clothes that don’t fit right or are out of style.
I don’t worry too much about style but comfort is a huge issue for me.
Oh and the books, lots of books that have been read once. Do I need to keep them?
Not unless they are meaningful to me on some level.
I am planning on doing something every month.
We are also remodeling bathrooms and creating better space for us now that we have decided to stay in our home for a few more years.
When I think of simplify it brings to me a vision of counters cleaned off and bookshelves emptied.
A new kind of freedom in letting go and giving away.
When I was in counseling I had lots of journals that were written throughout the years.
It might be time to purge those too and make use of our noisy shredder.
Some things can be left as a memory only for me, and no one else.
Last month I turned 63 and it makes me really want to get ‘things’ taken care of so other’s don’t have to.
Ultimately when we all pass away all that is left is just a few ‘reminders’ of who we were.
Simplify is a good challenge for me. In every aspect I long to keep it simple.
How about you? Ever thought of how you could simplify your life on a daily basis?