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The month of May is almost over, and I cannot believe the year is almost half gone.
Where does time go?
The month has brought a few events. Mothers day, Our grand daughters birthday, My dads birthday he would have been in his 90’s. As my husband has said, “he would not want to live that long,” I know… I sure miss him.
It would be nice to sit in a room and just visit.
Dad was a cowboy, loved his hat, and boots and his ‘outside’ life until he couldn’t do it anymore.
He and I had a wonderful understanding.
We established my expectations early on in our ‘late in life relationship’.
Believe me, I didn’t expect much.
If I had a ‘I wish’ bowl the spending more time with him would be on the list.
He has been gone for many years now.
Memorial day just passed us and dad was in the Navy. A veteran, to be proud, both our dads were in the service.
My husband’s dad was in Patton’s army. Not an easy thing for a young man.

This month I decided to not have longer hair, when I went in for a change, I had the lady cut it short.
It seems to fit me well.
Summer is here and the temps are warming up.
We have trips planned for the beach and then central Oregon.
Our trailer serves as a home away from home.
Last month we purchased all new appliances for our kitchen.
It is very different and at the same time very modern and nice.
We also finished a wall on the back patio. I use the word ‘we’ very loosely as I only watched the process.
It blocks the rain from our patio and also blocks the air conditioner noise.
Summer will be a test to see how it works for us.
The month of May is almost gone and soon we move into the summer season.
Flowers are blooming, garden is growing, and it is very much our home now.
The month of May is almost over, may we have safe and wonderful new memories as the summer begins.