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So this is the official LOVE WEEK.
Yes every Florist shop in town is busy this week creating beautiful bouquets, chocolate baskets, and gift items for the ‘love of your life.’
Pizza parlor’s are readying themselves for requests for heart shaped pizza’s. Groupon has been advertising for the ‘best place’ to take your loved one.
It is a week to celebrate. My preference as I have told my husband many times.
Don’t give me something on Valentines day just because Hallmark says you should, do it.
Give me something when I am least expecting it.
For example after my husband had a knee replacement surgery a year ago, I was running around in total exhaustion and worry and the door bell rang.
I opened the door up and there stood a delivery lady with a large vase of flowers. He had thought of me, when I needed a ‘lift’, and a bit of encouragement.
A beautiful bouquet with a nice little note. Now that was better than a Valentine gift because it was out of the blue and caught me by surprise.
Totally different from what you are expected to do, on days like Valentines day.
I didn’t expect a bouquet, in fact he was pretty dopey with the medications and the recovery I was very surprised he even thought about it.
What I am getting at is this.
Every day of the week, we have opportunity and choices to tell others how we feel about them.
We don’t need to wait for Valentine’s day or even other holidays.
It is more special when it is a heart felt ‘decision’ without a reason.
When you least expect it, not looking for it. Surprise.
So on this ‘love week’ I challenge you to do something different and unique.
Who knows… it might become a new tradition.