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My new word of the year has brought a challenge to me already.
Not expecting it.
I settled into the word ‘Quiet‘… believing it would teach me a great lesson.
Then my computer went down.
I said in a calm voice to myself, “This is not what I expected”.
It is not hard for me to turn the television off or the radio and sit in our home in silence.
It is peaceful to not have noise.
The challenge was adjusting to no computer which in turn meant no writing which in turn meant no interaction with others or online communication.
It was hard.
Did I say it was hard? yes …
I did what I could to remain patient and listen to the message of waiting and being still and finding new things to do with my time.
Exercise was a first start. I began to do that slowly.
Cleaning was another start.
The den was a disaster and in order for a computer repairman to come into our ‘home’ the room had to be straightened up and put into order.
I wondered as I was cleaning if I do that with the Lord.
“I will spend time when my heart is right then you can see me in my ‘best’.”
As if he doesn’t already sees the condition of our brokenness?
The word of the year has brought me a first test.
Quiet can mean many things.
As the year continues I will remain in a quiet mode and continue
to be still and know that HE is God.

The lesson is to listen… within the stillness for the message
then allow the message to teach us what our heart needs.