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The journey to Bethlehem was not an easy one.
Walking for miles and riding on a donkey.
Can you even imagine being round with child and riding a donkey?
It could not have been easy for Mary.
It was a long journey and for many miles they walked together.
Can you imagine Joseph leading as turmoil took place in the land?
It was not a quiet time.
There was a census being taken with much chaos and also
a baby ready to be born.
I imagine Joseph felt the pressure to find a place of comfort for them to sleep and rest and wait.
Not too different than any other expectant father who wants to take care of his family.
He tried to find a place but there was very little opportunity.
I wonder how desperate he began to feel.
I even read a blog one time about the the role of the donkey.
Jesus rode a donkey into a town before his crucifixion.
We have read the story as it was days before his death.
Mary rode a donkey days before his birth.
What a journey.
What a life.
What a Savior.
So many never knew or realized the prophecies fulfilled concerning his birth.
Even the closest to them never knew the significance of the moments.
Can you imagine the innkeeper who later realized after he said,
“I have no room for you” that the baby was born in his stable?
The journey was anticipated yet hardly understood.
Even now we sometimes fail to understand.