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The hardest part of writing is coming to the terms of what it means for me and also to realize that I am learning to be better.
It is a journey of believing in myself and believing in the process as I move through it.
In the writers group that I am in they said the other day, “We already are and we are also becoming.”
That brings me hope and restores the vision for me.
They said for us to write for ourselves, not following a mold that someone else laid out.
“A good writer is comfortable with themselves and shares all that they are to the reader.”
I share a lot of who I am with the reader, and yet I also hold back some truths.
They told us, “The right people will get you – they are the ones you are sent to serve.”
That is another word of encouragement because those who have cheered me on in this process are those people who are family or good friends.
They know my heart and my desire to ‘tell the story’ in whatever way I need to.
Writing is a lonely process and so many times I find myself up here in my room, isolated from others.
In saying that it is also a powerful time of listening and leaning in towards the words that are forming.
The writers group told us, “you want your voice to come through and be heard.”
Yes that is very true. I tend to write the same way I talk in real life, it is from my heart.
My words need to paint a picture of hope and encouragement while telling whatever story at the time.
They told us this week; that this is about the journey not the destination.
It takes a lot of time and effort to write on a continual basis.
Just as in any other commitment it is daily and even sometimes hourly.
We ‘writers’ learn to carry paper with us in case a line or two comes to us in a store or wherever we may be at the time of ‘listening.’
The other thing we learned this week is to practice rest.
When our mind is rested and not cluttered with many things we can write more clear and more real.
So the goal this week is to rest, listen and to write.
I pray you stay with me as I move through this process.