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The Friday link up online is the word: IMPORTANT
In the last two weeks I have seen a few doctors for regular checkups or follow up tests.
It is so IMPORTANT to do these things.
As we age, we can miss something serious by avoiding something uncomfortable.
I had mammograms, ultrasounds with great results.
I had a meeting with my surgeon with great results.
Because I am a breast cancer survivor who was caught very early, and it was removed.
I had sessions of radiation after surgery, and I still have to follow up on all testing.
I had a colon test with all the fasting and prepping and a little bit of anxiety.
With GREAT results. Don’t have to do that for ten more years.
None of us like dental work but it’s IMPORTANT to keep up on the care of our teeth.
None of us like blood draws or other uncomfortable things, but we have no other way to see if we are healthy.
It is so important to follow up and do what is needed.
Now that I am in my mid-sixties it is even MORE important to follow the guidelines.
It was very exciting to hear three good news results in a short amount of time.
You can imagine how it was for me to go through the knowledge of breast cancer.
But I walk by faith and not by sight and I know and knew that nothing is without a purpose.
All that is needed for me, is to walk more, shed a little bit of weight and try to get a bit more organized.
Not going to get too crazy with all that, just enough to keep healthy.
The Friday link up is a group of writers who are given a word for the week.
The word is what is the focus for our writing.
I found this word. IMPORTANT so right with where I am in life in this new year.
The Friday link up online is the word: Important