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The end of an era is coming up for our oldest grand daughter.
Faith Elizabeth our first born grand child, the one who changed our roles from parent to grandparent.
The precious bundle that not only blessed us immensely but helped heal our home.
Today, she will be walking across the stage and accept her graduation diploma.
It has been a long journey for her, one of hard work mentally and also learning who she is and growing into herself as a teen and then into an adult.
I am so very proud and the possibilities are many for her adult years.
I am praying for her to make decisions that are good and positive.
It has been one of my greatest joys watching her grow up from a tiny preemie baby to the beautiful young woman she is today.
She has a great little job, a nice boyfriend and a good perspective on life.
Her graduation party was fun with lot’s of people showing up to support her.
It will be a joy to watch as she moves into a new direction of change, as she makes new choices and new decisions.
Adulthood is not often fun and not really as easy as being a young teen.
As an adult one has to be responsible and follow the rules.
Soon she will be driving and this grandma will be praying for safety and calm.
Highschool is almost over, actually yesterday was her last day.
Today they practice and tomorrow is the real deal, graduation and the final exit.
The end of an era and the beginning of a new one.
Congratulations Faith, we are very proud of you.