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The decision to put our house up for sale was not an easy one for us.
In our hearts we know it’s the right thing to do, but emotionally it is hard.
We have lived here over 23 years and I have roots here, in this house and in this town.
Our grand children have known this home as ours. The place where they come and hang out.
Grandma and grandpa’s place. The yard with the tree one can climb or the landing at the top of the stairs where they sit and share stories.
The stairs are the main reason we need to leave, they are steep and they are a hazard as we grow older, no one needs a broken hip or leg. Falling is not a choice.
The new place wherever it may be; will have a single story layout.
I am looking forward to something new and fresh and yet at the same time I am sentimental and don’t want to leave this home.
We know our neighbors and told them about our plans; of course they don’t want us to leave.
Life is often a series of choices. As we get older it becomes more difficult as we settle into our comfort zones. Our places of peace.
We have looked at other houses and neighborhoods and none have felt ‘like home to us.’
There is one little community we had an offer on a condo and it was denied because our house was not sold yet. We like that 55+ community and the builder; and it is becoming our first choice.
So the decision would have to be prayed over, talked through and decided as a firm plan.
I love our home and I also trust in this process. We cannot be overwhelmed or exhausted.
The journey is one we are not taking lightly nor are we rushing out to purchase something just because we think we need to.
In the right time it will happen we just have to keep trusting, praying and waiting.