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The beginning of the story as I moved forward; was to learn how the blending mixture of words worked for me throughout the process of writing.
As I sorted out the reason why I wanted to write the challenge was becoming more clear.
Not only did my husband challenge me but I challenged myself in discovering what was important.
In the earlier years when I was growing up journaling was my way of putting feelings on paper so I didn’t have to hold them in so much.
In counseling it is a powerful process of healing and sharing for sometimes words cannot be spoken but they can be written without any rules.
It is a healing place to share and to let the words find their place in a solid form on paper.
In therapy I knew my counselor would read the words before I got in the room so we had ‘topic’ to work on.
When writing on the blog, I didn’t allow myself to think of who would read them or have fear of the power of words that were written.
I just moved forward in baby steps feeling confident that this was a good direction.
As the blog emerged the lessons learned through the process of discovery were; to find a name, find a banner or heading and figure out a brand.
I didn’t know what all that meant but as it took place the birth of the blog happened.
A very special friend of ours made the heading banner for me which is exactly what I wanted.
At the time there were free sites that would hold your blog as a service so I began on blogger.
It was easy to figure out and since I was a new ‘writer’ I didn’t have the expert advise showing me what to do or not to do.
As I grew in the knowledge I realized that the Lord was leading me each direction and as I took courses it was clear to me that what they were sharing was already done.
How funny it was to me that I didn’t even know what I was doing, yet I was doing it right.
I made business cards that looked the same as the blog name and I made it personal using the three crosses that are found at camp Winema on the Oregon coast.Everything needed to match and what I wanted to create was identity.
The goal was to have something personal and creative so that every time someone saw that name it would be a connection to my blog.
This is the beginning of the story and the reasons why I have chosen to write, connection and identity.
In sharing some of my story or writings I hope it can challenge others to do the same.
Without the risk we lose the opportunity to bless others.