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This time next week many will be settling in to warm homes
filled with a variety of baked goods,
perhaps a fire in the fireplace and good conversation
with family and friends.
Our turkey is ordered and soon to arrive.
A fresh one this time from a local farm.

The menu is being planned and shopping lists are made.
It is a time for reflection and giving thanks.
We have so much to be thankful for even if we don’t feel it.
Thanks giving is a heart condition.
Learning to give thanks for everything.
The good moments and the not so good ones.
We grow and come out stronger during the hard times.
Thanks giving is a holiday yes but not really for one day of the year.
It is learning to give thanks with a grateful heart every day.
It is learning to say ‘for this I am thankful’.
Realizing how very blessed we are to be in the situation we are in.

I so remember the traditional dinner my grandmother used to cook.
It is not about fine crystal and beautiful china.
It is about relationships.
It is family and learning to truly appreciate each one who enters
our space and chooses to spend time with us.
This time next week there will also be many alone without family.
I pray we stop to remember them too.
In our moment of giving thanks.