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When I look at my stats, which is ‘how many look at or read’ my blog I could get depressed.
I am not.
The stats are just figures and it doesn’t bother me if 10 read it or 250 the goal is in sharing from my heart when I can and if I can’t …well it doesn’t happen that week.
When this blog began life was more quiet.
I had time to think, to process, to study, to process more and then to write.
The writing in 2010 was good, and it was deep and it was matters from my heart that were challenging and also encouraging.
In 2013 life is different.
I am more busy.
I am more tired.
The brain cells it takes to write a good writing are hiding somewhere.
The energy it takes to write a good writing is also in hibernation.
Most blog writers do not allow the numbers to throw them a depressing spin.
We write because we love it.
We write because we have something to say sometimes.
We write because we choose to share things with others with the hope that we can inspire or encourage or even challenge the reader.
When I look at my stats I will not let them bring me down or remove my hope.
It is perfectly fine to have 30 readers one day and 2 the next.
I am not allowing it to run my life or even affect my blog.
Whoever you are right now I thank you.
I thank you for even looking at this amateur blog writers words.
It is right and normal to climb up the scale of being a writer in a slow moving way.
I am not worried or affected by what the stats show me.
Thank you for standing by me and encouraging my dream.