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Our grand daughter Faith Elizabeth got baptized today.
It was sweet. Of course grandma cried.
She looked so happy and peaceful and so cute.
Her dad was there, her mom was there and of course grandpa and I.
She is almost age sixteen which is an ideal time in her life to make important decisions like, following Jesus.
I am proud of her and have been praying for her since she was pre-born.
Then as a tiny two pound intensive care baby, I prayed.
Then as a little one growing up, I prayed.
She has always had a heart for the Lord.
I do believe teens have influence over other teens.
She invited six to eight young people to youth group, and asked her grandpa to be the driver picking them all up in time for the youth group session.
They all came, because she asked and because teens are looking for something positive and real, and people who care for them.
We have prayed for her for the longest time.
One time when she was a tiny one, around age two we witnessed an outside baptism and she watched each young person get in the tub and then be baptized. After a dad had baptized his two children, she stood up in the chair and yelled with her tiny ‘little girl voice’,
“Do it again, God’s in the water.”
Yes she has always had a heart for the Lord and we could not be any more proud.
Such a sweet proud moment for grand parents.