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Our pastor continued this last Sunday on the topic of what captivates your heart.
In the pursuit of praying for God to hold your attention.
He said to us:
“Over time you will make decisions that will sabotage your heart and your love for God.”
The sabotage begins slowly most times without you even being aware it’s happening.
(The meaning of sabotage:
any undermining of a cause; to injure or attack; vandalize or cripple;
deliberate destruction; disrupt especially by secret means).
We can have this happen or do this in an unconscious way but it still harms the intention of our heart.
We begin to fall out of love and worship:
When we focus on responsibility instead of relationship.
When we allow other idols
(such as computer, tv, cell phone, you name it)
to entertain our heart.
When we make a list of all the reasons it wasn’t meant to be for us.
When we distance ourselves from others or from God.
When we dwell on unmet expectations and let our heart rest in other places.
It is a slow disintegration of what is meaningful to our heart.
Pastor asked the question: “How do we return to our first intention?”
and return back to our first love.
Returning love:
Is forgetting the ‘if’ clause.
(If it had been easier I could have continued
 if they had been different I would have loved more or tried harder
 if it it didn’t require so much from me
 if I didn’t have to give up so much from my personal life
 if IF IF) 
We need to stop that way of thinking
if we want to grow deeper and stay faithful
Returning love is remembering.
Returning love is creating margins and boundaries and practising presence.
Returning love is re-establishing the treasures of our heart.
Returning love always means taking a risk.
Returning love is obsessing over who or what you removed from yourself and realizing why.
Was it a good choice?
It all goes back to the same question:
What captivates your heart will determine your destiny.
In this new year
are we ready to clear out and demolish
what is unhealthy and unfruitful in our lives
starting with the subtle sabotage.
A little something for us to think about.