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This year has been a strange year for us.
Not only did my husband have shoulder surgery which included two visits to the ER for allergy issues that were potentially ‘serious’ then he had a skin cancer removed which could also have been very serious.
His recovery has been good but slow moving.
May arrived and I was feeling rather good that we had nothing facing us.
Then I was diagnosed with Shingles.
For those who don’t know what they are: Adult chicken pox
I had a spot that seemed to me a bug bite? It was red and very sore and somewhat itchy
and my whole side was tender and sore like a pulled muscle.
Then the ‘rash’ moved into other areas eventually becoming blistery and more painful.
Never had a rash that hurt before so I looked it up on Web.Md and diagnosed myself
then went to the doctor to get medication.
He gave me an antiviral drug which are very large pills and of course
the course of treatment is to take them five times a day.
(This lady chokes on the tiniest of pills)
sigh…not having fun again.
Three years ago I came down with the mumps on both sides of my face.
I literally looked like a round helium balloon with little slanted eyes.
It was horrible. Very painful and awful.
Oh did I say painful?
(I have pictures to prove it …take my word they are not pretty)
This pain is equal as far as being uncomfortable and tender.
At least this allows me to eat with the mumps your jaw won’t open very far.
I drank a lot of chicken broth and juice.
Fortunately I have a high pain tolerance and this is not ‘covering’ my whole body.
But what it is covering… ‘hurts’.
It feels like contractions that are deep within the area with sharp knife like ‘throbbing.’
I told my husband I was unsure if I wanted to know what June might bring for us.
So far it hasn’t been that great of a year for us.
God is good and is taking care of us I just pray that He give us strength to press forward even in times of stress and inconvenience.
Normally this blog is not so much about me and my ‘challenges’ just wanted to share so that those who pray can add me onto their list. My new goal is to get this immune system of mine stronger and more able to fight off ‘catastrophic’ childhood diseases. It is very strange that my body has had two in the three years.
Have you had any recent shots lately? Do you know of someone above age 60 they can get the RX for a shingles shot.  Please suggest it.
Leaving you with ‘a little something to think about.’