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We are still waiting.
Our mother is still here.
Still fighting for breath… still holding on for some reason.
Today is father’s day.
We lost our dad in September of last year.
Soon the past will be just that.
A memory shared from pictures in a box.
A card found from long ago mail.
Letters written in hand writing never to be seen again.
Treasures mixed with emotion and mixed with memory.
It is not easy to sit in a room when someone is dying.
It is a sacred time.
A time for quiet and peace.
It is also a time for emotion and patience.
The waiting…
Where the soul is waiting for that moment when it should leave.
I do believe the soul goes and the shell is left behind.
Once that loved one is gone
the story is not over
it then becomes a choice of how we remember.
Max Lucado once said:
You change your life by changing your heart.
Saying good-bye is a matter of the heart.
Each day we sit and watch the ending of a life
we wait and we pray and we do a lot of thinking.
Thinking isn’t bad if it leads us to a better ‘mind set’
and or heart condition.
We have sat in this waiting room now four times.
As I have said before it is labor intensive.
It is the hardest part of this life we live.