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No these are not blooming yet in our yard but the weather has been incredibly warm in fact the weather man has stated we might even be getting a seventy degree day soon.
I am not ready for this warmth. Although it is nice.
We didn’t really have a cold winter and you know how bad the bugs are going to be since they didn’t get frozen during the cold spell?
Yeah I am not sure I will enjoy it.
Spring is pretty. It is cheerful.
It is almost my favorite time of year as it creates beauty and newness all around as leaves and buds are forming new ‘flowers’.
I say almost because my most favorite time of the year is the fall.
Now you can see the dead fall like ‘leaves’ begin to bloom into a new blossoms, daffodils are emerging from cold and damp grounds along with the crocus bulbs.
I remember as a young person one house we used to always drive by had placed the crocus bulbs in the context of the words, “It’s spring”. So when they bloomed one could see and read those words.
It’s spring where new life is taking place and birds begin to build nests and baby lambs are born.

Found this photo on google as a free stock photo and it shows so much sweetness.
Spring really shouldn’t be here yet, it seems way too soon for bulbs growing and baby animals being born.
I love the awakening from the dark of the earth to the fresh sunny skies of blue and soft clouds.
The master plan of our master gardener created seasons for life and abundance, 
 after a time of winter rest and darkness.
Just as our hearts and souls need the rest in winter, and a time for hunkering down under blankets, good books and hot cups of coffee.
We also need the freshness spring brings with new awareness that life again begins at a new level.
That hope of new adventures and experiences will take place and we will be warmed by the warmth of the sun and crisp breezes.
I am not ready for this warmth but I am ready for some change.
While we watch flowers growing and little lambs with wobbly legs, let us be reminded that we are in a new season for a new time and hope brings a new sense of anticipation.  
Are you anticipating anything fun or exciting in this season of change? Spring is almost here.
Let us wait with great patience for new adventures to begin.