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There are so many parts of the story of Jesus and his beginning moments on earth.
God orchestrated so many key characters to be a part of this miraculous birth.
We have Mary, and Joseph and Elizabeth and Zechariah and John.
At least two angels perhaps a few more.
As they play their ‘roles’ in the story.
God orchestrated other players we see enter later in the next scene of the story.
There are the shepherds out in the field and the wisemen.
Then there is the innkeeper and others who might have been nearby to notice.
There was Caesar Augustus who issued the decree for the census.
Then we have later on Simeon and Anna.
Everyone of these players were needed and a vital part of the story of Jesus.
It was all orchestrated by God.
Written and prophesied long before Jesus was even ‘here’.
It is amazing to me that it was not just a ‘thought’ of God.
It was a plan.
The plan that would save the world.
The chance for many to see and believe.
I can’t even imagine what Mary felt like knowing that her baby
Was the chosen one.
Forever in time the one that would save so many including her.
So many details God did not forget.
Just as He does not forget details of our lives.
Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that God loves you so much
to send His son… 
so you and so I can have hope and life and eternal safety.
So many details… to continue the story.