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On day ten of our writers challenge the word for us to think about is ‘share’.
He said ‘great writers share.’
They share their own writing and knowledge of different topics as well as the writings of others giving the the proper credit to them.
He said to share someone else’s story so that you are promoting them and making them ‘the hero’.
He said to do it quietly and in secret.
Not bringing attention to ourselves in the process.
He said to be generous and share with others.
I am not sure if he meant share a favorite blog of theirs or just share some of the teachings they have taught us and how we have grown by reading their writings.
Some of my favorite blogs and writers are below.
There are more who can I recommend.
More who I read daily.
Sharing others is easy.
Much easier than sharing myself.
Our writers challenge is to share.
So today share someone with someone else.
Let’s encourage each other in this journey.