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Advent has begun.
The remembering
is moving into a place in our minds and our activities.
We plan our decorations and our shopping and baking.
Oh can we plan a spiritual time too?
I so want to make it a spiritual season
not just filled with packages and stuff that most of us don’t really need.
Grandma will do fun special things for the children
but I want more than anything for them to know
that the season is not about more stuff.
It is about the story.
Matthew 1:18-24

The story of a young couple given a Divine order.
The story of a young couple choosing to be obedient.
Even when they didn’t really know what that meant
or what it would cost them.
The story of a young girl chosen to be a mom
the mom….of a saviour.
Her saviour and ours.
What did she feel like?
What did she think?
When the angel appeared and said to her ‘fear not.’
It would take your breath away.
Fear not… Mary Fear not…
I am standing in the presence of an angel
and I am told to Fear not?
Mary could have said that or at least thought it.
How can I not question
for I am pure of body and heart.

How did she do it and how did they both sleep at night
knowing there would be a son born to them.
I would toss and turn and be forever restless.
Perhaps since she was carrying the saviour of the world
she had an intense peace
‘that passes all understanding-deep within her heart.’
Perhaps as she sat with Joseph and whispered to him,
as he held her shaking hand…
“I am scared, I don’t understand it all but I choose… I choose…
Joseph choose with me…stay with me so we can see…
what the angels have told us.”
Oh what a moment between them.
The choice of obedience and trust.
What a precious little couple…
We sing, “Oh little town of Bethlehem and We three kings of Orient are.”
We sing, “Away in the manger and O Holy Night.”

But can we grasp the HOLY MOMENTS of the passage of time
when it began?
Where everything around them anticipated the birth of a special baby.
The moment when the stillness of the night and the light of the stars were so bright.
The moment and reflection of a scared girl becoming a mom
and a scared dad holding an infant
SO full of power
and yet so full of innocence
as it all began.
They were young.
They were beginning a life full of such uncertainties and yet
they loved the child just as we would love our newborns.
I hold my two month old grandson and I see how precious
how miraculous
how innocent
he is.
And this baby in the manger
was just like my precious grandson.
The difference…
When she held his tiny warm body
she held the SON Immanuel God with us.
Advent is here
may we never forget the journey to the manger
along the path leading to the story.
Lord Jesus Help us to remember
The most important story of all time.
Your story…
O Holy Night…
may we
fall on our knees and praise you.