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My husband is getting better slowly.
Recovering from major surgery is always hard on the body.
It is challenging on many levels.
He has done well within the midst of a few set backs… he is back to work part time.
He is also driving now, which I am sure he is happy about.
Any time we recover from any trauma it is a hard painstaking journey.
Physically and mentally it is a relearning of what was once ‘easy’.
A full knee replacement requires a major ‘amputation’ of the leg on the upper and lower with a knee removal, then a new knee is fitted in and around the old ‘space’.
The doctor has done many and knows what he is doing but it still sounds awful.
Yes it sounds horrible and the scar is really rough it is close to 14 inches long.
He was bruised from hip to ankle then we had a trip to the ultrasound room for blood clot checks.
We all know how serious that is.
His surgery was on January 20th and he is very tired.
We both are and it has been draining and hard and worrisome for me, to watch him struggle to stand, then walk and navigate the stairs going up to our room.
He is getting better slowly.
He is trying to do what the doctor tells him and yet they might have to go in for more ‘adjustment’.
Meaning he will be knocked out with loopy drugs and they will realign the leg and shake loose the tightness.
It has been hard. One step forward and then a few back.
Some day we will look back on this and know it was worth it.
For now we are not over this ‘recovery hump.’