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On day twelve of the writers challenge the word for us is provoke. said it means: to stir up. to incite. to stimulate to action.
He said great writers should provoke us to think and perhaps even make us
uncomfortable when we read something they have written.
He challenged us to quit screwing around and get serious with our writing.
I don’t like that ‘word’ but I understand what is trying to say to us.
There is risk involved.
He said if we want to be a great writer we must be willing to break a few rules.
His challenge for us was:
Tell the ugly truth about something.
Pick a fight and challenge someone about what is wrong with our ‘world’.
Injustices are not fair stir the reader to think about why.
Don’t be afraid to take a risk.
Write something hard and dangerous.
(Something you have not written before).
He asked if we were ready.
He said in order for us to push ourselves into the real world of writing
we MUST be honest.
He said the world is full of lies.
Being honest sets others free to be honest too.
When we learn to write honestly and from our hearts we allow others to believe they can do the same.
So the question for us is:
Are we ready to provoke?