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I was asked to participate in a blog hop by a blogger friend.
She wrote her ‘questions’ out and then introduced my blog.
Part of the blog hop included a series of questions for me to answer about my own blog.
So I will attempt to answer in the best way possible.
1. What am I writing or working on?
For the last few months I have been centering into a more firm writing theme, beginning with a basket full of words as as starting point. 

Each word represented itself etched on a clay heart. 
I laid them out and began to form a series of words from the beginning point to an ending point, (which hasn’t happened yet) in reference to the recovery process. 
I began with one word, discovered it’s full meaning and then wrote about it in full detail.
My goal was to have them follow a logical sequence that would make sense to the reader and anyone following the process with me.

It has been a good and wonderful way to write.
Focused and similar so that my blog is not jumping around with a variety of topics. 
My other theme has been sharing my grief and loss. 
I write what is currently going on in my life but with discernment as to privacy and names. I do believe this is the way right now
God wants my blog to be moving.
2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?
I focus on feelings, matters of the heart. Growth towards God. Encouragement and hope.
3. Why do I write what I write?
When the blog began it was birthed out of a lot of prayer, soul searching and willingness to write from my heart with little editing or over thinking.
When I first retired from full time work God gave me the time, the tools, and the encouragement from my husband to begin a writing process. 
One day he said to me, “I read a lot of engineering blogs and I think you can the very same thing in your own writing style.” 
After he said that I had no clue what a blog was or what people did with them.
So the challenge gave me a reason to dig further and read others writings and then pray about my own ‘way of sharing.’ 
Within a few weeks God gave me the desire to write from my heart in an open and real authentic way and then proceeded to lead me into the ‘name’ of the blog.
Something to think about was birthed out of the desire for someone to read what is written then step back and say, “I have never thought of it that way.” 
All my life writing has been a healing process for me. 
As a child I would often have a pen and paper near me to write or to draw with and I knew what was written if secured in a safe ‘place’ was only for my heart and my emotions.
It was a place of ‘safety’. 
I could write and not worry about the issues or concerns surrounding my words. 
It was my own journey of healing. 
Now as I have become more mature in the process of writing and blogging I moved from a private ‘blog setting’ to one open to the public. 
That took great courage for me. 
I am by nature very private but as my husband said to me one day: 
“If you wrote a book, would you always know who read it or purchased it?” 
my answer was no. 
So I released my control and allowed God to take the blog where he wanted it to go. 
Soon after that time, I began to do guest posts and joined others at writers conferences and discussions.
I write because the story God has given me, is not for my purpose but for the purpose of helping others.
We all have a story and it is our responsibility to share it.
4. How does my writing process work?
Well I have a den/office room which is where the majority of all my work is done. 
My computer sits on an large antique desk and there are piles of papers nearby to help in the note taking. 
I begin by processing the thought or theme, or I follow a word prompt, then it takes generally about 5-8 hours to finally publish the writing as a finished piece.
I read it out loud and sense how it feels or sounds, then I pause and come back to it. Giving me space and window of opportunity to tweak a word or two and even whole paragraphs will be removed or rewritten. 
Each blog takes hours unless it is a quick five minute word prompt.
Sometimes if I am reading a book I will take notes, not to copy from someone but to stir ideas in my own process and presentation. 
Whenever the blog is written it is bathed in prayer, and checked many times before the final ‘publish’ button is pushed.
In 2010 this blog began. Each year since then has been put into a book form so a legacy of words can be passed down from my children to my grand children.
It is a perfect preservation of who I am as a person and what I believe in as a believer, the words reflect my personality and my faith and what is most important to me. 
If one person can be changed, challenged, moved and encouraged, by this legacy of writing then I believe every hour spent in this writing chair was worth it.