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As the Christmas season winds down and the new year begins very soon.
What will you do with this Jesus? This babe in the manger… this sweet little Jesus child?

When we gather the boxes of ornaments and other decorations and put them away back in storage.
Do we wrap this baby delicately in bubble wrap and tissue to not let him break till the next season of display in December?
The box holds a figure, a resin like image, what does your heart hold?
Can you allow this babe in a manger who came to save the world come into your heart?
This real God who came as a gift of love for a world who would not often accept him.
The nativity story is not just for Christmas it is for every day.
That is why I leave a nativity up all year long so that I can remember… the reason.
What will we do with this Jesus as we hold the resin made cherub and marvel at the innocence of the painted face.
Do we remember that he lived 33 years to die a horrible disfiguring death?
Do we remember that the face we marvel at in innocence becomes horribly beaten and un-recognizable because HE chose it? Because He knew that was the only way… 

Because he loved us so much that the plan to come in a form we would know and understand was His gift for us. There are so many reasons to be thankful for the nativity. For the Love given. For the Love shown to us on that day in the city called Bethlehem.
God reached down and touched our hearts… so we could in turn could allow our hearts to turn towards Him.
What will you do with this Jesus? that is my question for you.