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What is the difference between believing the Lord and following the Lord?
It is a real question.
Many people who saw Jesus believed Him~
not that many actually followed.
They saw and experienced his miracles and they saw and experienced his power.
They could remind themselves every time they saw him how he turned the water into wine or how he fed the many with little or how he healed the dead and helped the cripple to walk. The blind could see and the closed hearts could hear.
The teachings he taught and the people he met all had a visible reminder of ‘Jesus’ and who he was.
Even after all that not everyone who saw him believed and not every one who believed in him followed.
So why do you think the ones who heard Jesus say “Come follow me” left everything to follow him?
It is a question for us all to think about.
They did not hesitate. They dropped everything they knew and left it all for a man who was walking by from a shore line saying to them…”come follow me.” Did they even know who he was or did it not matter? Was it just because he ‘believed’ in them and they really wanted that for their heart?
Today if Jesus said to you…
“Drop every plan and every agenda of your own and follow me. Leave your life behind and come… walk with me and you will find peace.”
Do you think it is believable?
The rough and tough fishermen were called out of the water because Jesus believed in the potential they had within them. Our Pastor said, “When we follow Jesus we can’t be like him on our own it is from HIS potential for us that creates our likeness of him.” Jesus taught the fishermen and followers so he could transfer himself to them. So they could do what he did.
Did they dare? Did they believe they could? He told them they could.
Are we teachable and open to follow after when the Lord says to us ‘come I want you to walk with me today.’
We can’t just believe we need to put our belief into action.
The question our pastor asked, “Are you willing to risk all that you have in order to be all that God wants you to be?”
It is a very real question.
Do we want to be all that he wants us to be?