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Another funny moment in the lives of the O family.
This story has been on my mind after realizing our grand daughter Faith is heading into junior high.
I am sure I have mentioned she will be in 7th grade.
My mind can’t grasp the idea of her in junior high.
She is tiny in comparison to others her age and she is very beautiful.
I still am in complete shock she is that old already.
I think this grandma will be in denial for a while.
Her mom was just as pretty when she was the same age.
Perfect skin and hair and really not needing additional help when it came to makeup.
Which brings me to todays story:
When my daughter was in junior high either 6th grade or 7th grade not sure of my memory and her age involved.
Her dad and I had made a decision she was not wearing makeup till she was ready as far as ‘we’ were concerned most likely close to ages 13 or 14. 
I had come home from work early one day and surprised her by accident.
As a mom this is a wonderful opportunity to really find what is happening with your half grown children.
When they were growing up I often worked on the element of surprise.
For instance if they said “when are you coming home?”
I would say in general, “oh in just a few hours.”
That way there was no opportunity for sneaking or perhaps doing what they were not supposed to do unless one was very wise in hiding or sneaking.
This particular day I had come home early and someone was not so wise because I was not expected to be home yet.

Walking into the front door of the house I noticed make up on my daughters face.
Now you have to picture this because pre-teen girls do not put on makeup the way one should put it on.
The ideal way is to have it on so no one can really tell.
That was not our reality on this day.
I said to her, “Why do you have make up on?”
The reply to me, “I don’t.”
Um… the closer I looked yes there was makeup on her face.
I said again, “Where did you get the make up?”
The reply to me, “What makeup?”
I said to her, “Let’s humor me and go into the bathroom and look into the mirror… perhaps I am wrong. The light is better in there let’s go look together.”
We walked to the bathroom together and I wondered what she was thinking or what she would do once she saw herself in the mirror.
Turning the bathroom light on:
complete disbelief… and horror…came from my daughter.
Really she should have won an award for dramatic interpretation.
The reply again to me as she grasped the truth,
Now the conversation was moving in a new direction.
I said to her, “You really don’t know where this came from?”
“No honest mom I don’t” was the reply to me.
I calmly walked over to the phone and started to dial.
She followed me into the kitchen asking, “who are you calling?”
I told her I was calling the principle of the school because someone was holding young girls down and putting make up on their faces and the principle needs to catch them as soon as possible since they were forcing young girls against their will.
She immediately said to me, “No you can’t do that.”
My reply to her… “WHY NOT?” as I was beginning to lose my patience.
She immediately did a confession and said her friends put make up on her face and yes she did know who they were.
After a long discussion about lying and also following after others when you know the rules.
The topic was closed and I made it very clear she was in trouble.
She washed her face and we never saw make up on her again.
(At least I never caught it.)
I enjoy it now when she calls me with her three daughters and says to me, “mom I just had a dejavu moment’ and we laugh about the event as she tells me the story.
Mom’s pray for pay back and God has heard my prayers many times.
I love being a grandma…
I just smile and listen and say to myself ‘we have been here before.’