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On day five of our writers challenge the word is prepare.
He said there is work to create and we must prepare in order to get it done.
In the definition is: to put in proper condition or readiness. to lead up to. to get ready. to make ready for a particular purpose.
In order to be a writer one has to prepare for it.
That might mean to create a quiet space just for writing in.
If the goal is writing a book make the effort to find out how to pursue that goal.
He said we are to push forward and do something.
He said: Some movement is better than none.
He also said often we procrastinate because we feel we need more experience or a more perfect writing style.
Telling ourselves we are not good enough defeats the purpose of our intention.
Real preparation is when we are moving in a steady momentum.
He tells us there is a difference between putting things off and preparing.
One is a negative one is not.
Procrastination will kill our deepest dreams and dull our true vision for ourselves.
Putting off today so we can do it tomorrow is never a good choice.
There will always be other things to do.
If our dream is to be a writer then we must sit down and do it.
The other part of the challenge is to tell someone when we do write something and then allow them to give us feedback with an honest critique.
He tells us to do this as often as we need until our confidence is stronger.
Inspiration comes from our ‘willingness’ to put our writings out there and encouragement comes from the readers who are reading it.
Prepare to be challenged. 
Then move into a mindset to become the writer
God has prepared us to be.