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The baby of Christmas, the Christ child, was Mary’s baby. 
So much for her to think about and to ponder on.
Can you imagine placing your tiny baby on a bed of hay?
She did the best she could given her circumstance and her location.
A tiny one. So precious. So innocent.
So anticipated and so misunderstood.
Then he grew in wisdom and in stature.
The word says, he grew.
He matured and as he grew He knew the process was ending soon.
In the garden he asked, for prayer from those who cared for Him.
Then He prayed for Himself so deeply he dripped drops of blood.
I would imagine knowing the depths and the intensity of the cross.
One could not help but to plead, “Father take this cup from me.”
But it wasn’t.
And Jesus did what the Father had planned all along.
Remember nothing is without a reason.
Nothing is without a purpose. 
Mary’s little one.
Her precious miracle baby… Her chosen child.
Would not only save the world from their darkness.
But would also save herself.
It began at Christmas.
Then it ended at Easter.
The days, months and years between that time
were cherished moments.
Mary pondered so much.
The word [ponder] the ability to look deeper.
It is not observation.
The meaning of the word is:
Sumballo in greek
it is reflecting deeper and practicing the eyes 
of heaven.
Mary knew her baby was from heaven
chosen by God and given to her as a gift 
for a short amount of time.
treasuring everything in your heart
till a sword pierces it…
A Christmas baby who became the story of Easter.
A birth on so many levels. 
Sumballo we reflect and see what God has done.
{the photos are not mine, I found them and 
do not take credit for them}