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A new month and a time of worship

A new month and a time of worship.
This is the season leading up to Easter.
In the Christian world many are doing a purposeful time of sabbath, a quiet moving towards the day.
When our children were little it all surrounded around the little ones, easter egg hunts were fun.
The decorations and fancy dresses or good shirts and pants were festive and nice.
The dinners with family and the time of celebrations were added into those moments.
Now we don’t have any little ones and I do enjoy the quiet moving towards, the season.
The story of Easter is hard, it is celebrations, and it is grief so intense no one can put words on it.
Palm Sunday the people were excited to see Jesus, they praised him and greeted him as he rode into town on a donkey.
Did you know that every donkey has a cross on its back into the fur? Interesting fact.
The time of celebrations were loud and as the movies show on tv very exciting and happy.
Then not even seven days later the mood changed, and the passion of Christ became more evident as he was put on a cross.
That had to be the most horrific way to die, and so much was hard, and confusing and grief intense.
The story is found in the New Testament.
It was written for us to remember, for us to understand, for us to grasp.
It was planned out just as Christmas and the birth of Jesus was, the death was planned too.
[For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish.]
It is all about choice, and belief and hope given.
Psalm Sunday was the festive beginning leading into the week of Easter.
We read the story and we sing the songs, but do we grasp within our hearts the intensity and the love?
A new month and a time of worship.

Another month is just flying by

Another month is just flying by, it is almost the end of March already.
We had four birthdays and one anniversary in the family.
It has always been a full month for us.
Spring is almost officially here, and nights will be longer, and days will be warmer.
It will be a nice change from the wintery weather we have had.
Our church is prepping for Easter. Always a big day for celebration.
Then they are having an Easter egg hunt on a farm for the little ones.
I am not sure where the egg hunting started but I do know one year my granddaughter was not impressed.
At age three or four her question and logic were funny.
Why would you take eggs out of the refrigerator, boil them, then color them, then put them in the yard to find them, only to put them back into the refrigerator again?
She had no use for that nonsense.
It was pretty funny actually. I remember her saying, “I am looking everywhere.”
Kind of humoring us old folks.
Easter is always a time for family. The big meal, and the time spent together.
When we first got married, we settled into a routine of every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve was at my family’s and Easter and Christmas day was at his family’s.
It solved a lot of issues when we ended up with our little ones.
I was not going to go to many homes for many meals.
Now it’s just my husband and I and we don’t even have any little ones.
That is ok we don’t like to color the eggs and I do decorate around the Theme of Easter, but it’s pretty quiet here.
We will enjoy the ‘season’ and sentiment. We will center our hearts toward the meaning and depth of the Easter story.
It is all a journey of faith and family and learning to figure out what is most important.
Another month is flying by, and it’s almost the beginning of April.

Three years and six days

Three years and six days after our son was born, we had another baby.
Tomorrow she will be 44.
Like it was with our son, we had no idea what we were having we just knew we wanted another baby.
I was sick like I was with our son, and it was pretty obvious I was expecting.
Back then my weight was low, and I think the day of delivery I was only about 109 pounds.
As the baby grew, we realized it was in a breech position and preparations for a C-section were in order.
Back then the ultrasounds were not real clear, but it was enough for us to see, baby head up and buns down.
The day of delivery was sooner than planned.
We had gone to a birthday party for my husband’s brother, I had felt a bit odd but nothing to startling.
I had contractions always, so it was nothing new to experience them.
After we got home, we went to bed and about four hours later I was very uncomfortable.
Waking my husband up to let him know, these are very close and getting harder.
I had my ultrasound picture in my pocket when we entered the hospital.
The contractions were closer and stronger, and I could have had the baby in the elevator.
They panicked when they realized baby was breech. Not only breech but head up, back to my front and buns down.
(I used to cup my hand around the baby’s head as I watched tv at night.)
Our baby girl joined our little family.
We named her Sarah.
She was not only a surprise but a completion of our little family of four.
Our son was six pounds born at 5:35 pm and our daughter was five pounds a few weeks early born at 5:13am.
Christopher was happy with his sister and even more happy that she didn’t affect his birthday.
We had a complete family, and we began to grow as a couple and as parents in the following years.
Three years and six days after our son turned three, we had a baby girl.

A birthday to remember today

A birthday to remember, today, our son turns 47.
Hard to believe but it’s true.
We were young parents, and hardly had an idea of what to do for our little one coming.
Back then we didn’t know till birth what we were expecting.
I was very sick, and had to have iron shots because of the ‘state of health’ I was in.
He arrived very healthy, very sweet, a whopping 6 pounds after two hours of labor.
Actually, it was longer than that because they induced me, and since nothing had started by the 3 pm shift the nurse decided I was moving too slow.
She said, “let’s have this baby by dinner time.” Turned the drip up on my IV and I moved from no labor to hard labor in two hours.
He was born at 5:35pm.
In hindsight if we were more mature things would happen different than that, but God was with us, and HE was healthy, and I was fine.
Our son was born. We named him Christopher.
About four days later we went home to our little house, and we were a little family for the first time.
He slept in a cradle my grandpa made and his crib was in a tiny room one crib length wide and two crib lengths long.
We learned to be parents and we learned very fast what a newborn baby needed.
I remember rocking and feeding and rocking and feeding… never really putting him down.
We were the first on my side of the family to add a grandchild.
We were blessed by this bundle of a boy.
He amazed us and challenged us and made us extremely proud.
He still does, even in his ‘adult years’.
Now he is a dad to three sons of his own.
The circle continues.
A birthday to remember, today, our son turns 47.

The month is almost over and time

The month is almost over, and time is passing us by so quickly.
March for us is a time for many birthdays.
It’s a busy month and we are beginning to plan some summer activities.
Winter is leaving, soon spring will be here bringing to life the flowers and warmer days.
I look forward to days that are longer so we can work in the yard and plant new color.
It is a good thing to look forward for better days.The world right now is in chaos, and I realize that God is in control.
I cannot imagine being a mom, grandma or other in a war-torn land where the enemy is trying to destroy you.
The innocent ones are always the casualties.
What do they do?
It is sickening to see another war begin and for no real reason other than power.
I look out my window and see the calm and I walk into my kitchen and remain thankful that it is full of good things.
Such a harsh reality. As I lay down in my warm flannel sheets and comfy pillow there are others sleeping on sidewalks.
Not because they want to but because there is no place for them.
I worked one time with lady who was Vietnamese, and we became pretty good friends.
She told me of the war stories that her family had to endure.
Most of her family was killed by the enemy; then she was on a boat that brought her to the USA.
I cannot even imagine the things she saw and or experienced.
She was one of the lucky ones, although she dealt with a lot of depression.
You cannot come out of that kind of experience and be ‘normal’ as if it never happened.
She was a survivor.
Many came through but not without issues of trauma.
I am in prayer for our nations.
I am in prayer for our leaders.
I am in prayer for our families.
Only because I know God is in control.
The month is almost over, and time is passing us by so quickly.

I remember it clearly

I remember it clearly, the day I was at work and the phone rang.
That was part of my customer service job at the pharmacy where I was working.
I heard my daughter’s voice on the other end, asking if I was sitting down?
I remember saying, should I be?
“Well mom, I’m having twins.”
Now I have to give a little background because 4 years earlier she had a tiny preemie baby,
our first granddaughter, weighing only 2 pounds 11 ounces.
Then add that history to the twin surprise.
This mom started praying.
I was able to go to many appointments and see the ‘babies’ labeled baby A and baby B.
I remember one ultrasound appointment the babies were very clear, and Hannah opened her eyes and looked right at us.
I almost jumped out of the chair; it was so amazing. Then Alexis gave us the thumbs up sign, as if to say, WE are ok.
They were born weighing 4.6 and 4.10 and very healthy. Alexis had a small stay in Nicu but she is a fighter and didn’t
stay there very long. They are identical in looks although we can tell them apart MOST of the time.

It was an exciting time. Yes, I worried, we also had another grandbaby coming from our son and his wife.
Three new little ones to love.
Now we have three who are graduating and talking about going to College.
I am not ready for them to grow into adults, but it is a part of life.
They are all wonderful, finishing their high school years, working at jobs, and today the girls turn 18.
It has been such a joyful time for us as grandparents.
Change is coming for us. They won’t be ‘just down the road’ the college might be a few hours away.
It is good for them but not necessarily good for grandparents.
Today is their birthday.
I remember it clearly, the day I was at work.

Another birthday to remember

Another birthday to remember.
My sister passed away in June of 2019, but her birthday was February 11th.
I remember the many moments we shared together, both good and bad.
It was not all rosy, but we were always close.
In one season of time, I had not seen her for over a few years and I really missed her.
So, I sent her a plane ticket to fly home.
I picked her up at the airport and she stayed at our house for a few days, then I drove her down to our parents.
Meeting them halfway then they drove to their home, and I stayed in a bed and breakfast place alone.
She enjoyed the trip and later I found out she was so out of her comfort zone it was a miracle she flew.
Not long after that she went back to Arkansas and told the family, “I’m going home.”
They loaded up the truck like the Beverly hillbilly’s and drove back to Oregon.
Our driveway had their ‘belongings’ for a few months until they could get settled.
The journey back to Oregon was a good one.
She had many rough moments and many hard times, but she tried her best to make it.
Her husband found a job and they found an apartment and it all worked out.
Her story is hard. Our story together was hard. Our life growing up was hard.
At one point, she was on hospice and dying. The four of us, my older sister and her husband and me and my husband.
Tag teamed to take care of her. We did such a good job of helping her along with her doctor, she lived from 2006 to 2019.
Way longer than I would ever have imagined her to live and survive and thrive.
She was a miracle in many ways.
Although we were tested and it was not often easy, I would never regret our investment in her.
Happy Birthday Mary, I will share a doughnut and remember how much you loved them.

Today is national wear red day

Today is National Wear Red Day.
It represents the many women diagnosed and suffering from heart attack or strokes.
It is a silent killer.
Often times you hear of men having heart attacks not so much about women.
The heart is critical to life.
The bible talks about the heart 439 times.
It is fundamental to our faith and our life.
We breathe because our hearts beat, and our lungs give us air.
[God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him.
When I got my act together, he gave me a fresh start. Now I’m alert to God’s ways; I don’t take God for granted.
Every day I review the ways he works; I try not to miss a trick. I feel put back together, and I’m watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.] Psalm 18:20,21
[The wise counsel God gives when I’m awake is confirmed by my sleeping heart.
Day and night I’ll stick with God; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go.] Psalm 16:7,8
Have you ever had a serious issue follow you around and you didn’t get a resolve for it till the next morning?
Our sleeping heart is working and teaching us not only to rest but to figure out the issues.
So many nights I start out sleeping peaceful then I wake up with a spirit that needs something.
It is the mind, body and heart working together.
[God, you did everything you promised, and I’m thanking you with all my heart.
You pulled me from the brink of death, my feet from the cliff-edge of doom.
Now I stroll at leisure with God in the sunlit fields of life.] Psalm 56:12,13
[Don’t grieve God. Don’t break his heart. His Holy Spirit, moving and breathing in you, is the most intimate part of your life, making you fit for himself.
Don’t take such a gift for granted.] Ephesians 4:30
Being saved from something that should have or could have been your death is something to be grateful for.
I know some who have been restored after a heart attack.
I don’t know any women though, it is interesting.
As we move through this ‘day’ of red may we remember that our hearts condition sets the stage for our life.
Today is National Wear Red Day.

Keep being brave are words

Keep being brave are words on a card I have on my bulletin board above my computer.
It is a wonderful reminder for me to continually do more than I think I can, and to challenge myself.
Life is funny because sometimes you get to a point of wonder or worry about what could you manage, should you have to.
It’s not logical to think about that but I have to remind myself to be brave, to push forward and to believe in myself.
When I was going through radiation, I had to tell myself about every day for 16 days, I could do it.
It’s not easy to go in and be exposed to massive radiation waves, but it was necessary.
The final result is no cancer. No returning for scans for a year.
That is awesome and exciting.
I have friends who are dealing with cancer and the thought of what is to come for them.
It brings up fear even if one is a strong believer.
The unknown is hard. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the biopsy had to be done.
Then the lumpectomy to follow.
I suppose I could say that whole experience was life altering for me.
I will never be the same person I was before this time in my life.
Medical things are often hard, cold and uncomfortable, we often find ourselves praying for another way.
When I see commercials about little kids with cancer it just makes me mad.
They should not have to deal with it.
My daughter’s best friend had leukemia for years.
My best friend is dealing with cancer, and another friend is also.
Keep being brave is a mantra we all can say in those times of distress.
I don’t know the future for any of my friends, but I do know that God is in control.
Those who are dealing with changes are the strong ones.
Those who walk through the doors with conviction that all will be well.
They are the strong ones.
But sometimes you can’t be strong. Sometimes you have to let it go.
Keep being brave will always be my reminder to face each day with hope, with prayer and the promises of God.

A way of keeping busy I suppose

A way of keeping busy, I suppose.
When I woke up the other morning from a deep sleep, I remembered how I used to play with this little box.
As a child it kept me busy for hours and my goals were to either try to create pictures or go back and forth until the screen showed the inside.
I know …a weird kid, but I stayed out of the range of ‘issues’, and it could keep me busy for hours.
Kids now adays don’t know how to entertain themselves other than what is electronically put in front of them.
For Christmas my husband bought me a few color books for adults. Actually, a good friend sent me the first one.
I started off with colored pencils then moved to using colored pens that go on like a paint brush.
It is relaxing, challenging and doesn’t take much brain power, which is good at my age.
I am not sure I would actually go back into doing art, in high school I took Art four years and junior high I believe it was for two years.
Plus, I trained in graphic arts in high school, doing all the lay out and printing and typesetting for many projects, plus I ran a printing press.
When we were getting married, I created our wedding invitations and thank you notes as a class project.
Received the invitations free, received triple A’s, because it was a final project, so it was a win-win for sure.
This is going back many years, but I don’t think it is easy to forget.
They don’t do things like that anymore.
Modern technology sometimes is wonderful although I do think kids need to learn skills.
In high school the place I went to was called occupational skills center, and it was similar to a community college.
It offered many different life skills that students could take and learn.
Many never went on further to college because it wasn’t needed.
As a child I always found things to keep me out of the home ‘chaos’ at times.
A way of keeping busy I suppose and checking out for a few hours.