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As a little girl our tradition at thanksgiving was to go to our grandparents house.
Grandma made the entire dinner by herself and it was a wonderful tradition I sometimes miss.
I remember the table set with china and crystal and other beautiful dishes one would have to hand wash later.
The lighting in the dining room reflected a multitude of colors onto the white ceiling and walls.
It’s beauty just accented the already beautiful table. As a little girl I remember being in awe of the kaleidoscope of colors.
There were candles lit and coffee poured.
The women were often in the kitchen chatting and grandpa and our uncle would stay in the living room watching a game or something. As children we could stay in the kitchen and listen to the women chatter or sit quietly in the room with our grandpa being careful to not be loud and disturb them.
The table when dinner was ready seated everyone. The children were seated between the adults so we wouldn’t create an ‘issue’ while eating.
It was often our grandfathers birthday too as his day was so close to thanksgiving.
The table would always have roasted turkey, potatoes mashed, brown gravy, green beans with bacon inside, cranberries, dressing, pickles and olives, rolls and veggie tray and always pumpkin pie with real whipping cream.
It was our tradition for many years.
When we were little our mom and us three girls would anxiously watch the Macy’s day parade before we left for the special dinner.
I so remember our hair fixed in curlers and pressing our clothes to wear for the special day.
We were never allowed to wear jeans or tee shirts. We had been taught that it was a special day to dress up and so we always did.
Later as we married and continued the tradition with our children they learned to arrive dressed up the same way we did.
I am not going to say it was always a warm fuzzy hallmark moment but we did have tradition and it taught me to enjoy the finer ‘table settings’ and to this day I try to recreate that with our children and grand children.
Holidays are full of tradition.
Can you remember some of  yours?
I pray that today was a good day for you.
A day of remembering times in the present or in the past spent with loved ones.
We always always have a reason to be thankful.