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In the summer our courtyard which used to be just a piece of grass with no personality comes alive with flowers and beauty.
It is too hot most of the afternoon and into some of the evening, but in the early morning it is wonderful to have breakfast or just a cup of coffee and a little conversation.

It is quiet. It is private. It is peaceful. I find it refreshing to sit out and listen to the birds as the wind blows.

My best friend and I had a vision. We kept talking courtyard as a little space for flowers and an extension of the back yard but a bit different than the yard itself.

After the vision became a reality then my husband and my brother in law laid the bricks and stone and we then purchased the trees and plants and created a ‘private’ place where no one can see unless they know it is there.

My dad made me a metal gate that we use to separate the dogs from courtyard. I would prefer they are not  allowed to hang out in there, they have a big back yard that is shaded just for them.

The courtyard was a dream and a vision. The flowers will become big and beautiful and we even brought in blueberries this year and a strawberry pot. Integrating flowers and fruit.

This summer we will have lots of fun with children making memories of roasting marshmallows in the fire pit or just listening to the angel fountain as the water bubbles up and down.
Our courtyard is a wonderful gift we gave to ourselves.
I hope you have a ‘special place’ to enjoy with your family and friends summertime is so different than fall and winter. The evenings are often warm enough to sit out way after dark till the night skies are full of stars and darkness.
~ Our courtyard ~

A place of angels and roses and remembering that Life is all about being together.
Our courtyard … A place of relaxation and rest and peace and family.
It holds many memories for us as we move into another summer.