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We continued to walk on the edge of the town of Astoria.
It was about 76 degrees outside with a refreshing cool breeze.
So nice to get away from our high temps in town.
We stopped and had lunch at a brew pub.
The wait was very long as they were busy with a lot of people wanting something to eat.
The cool ‘beer’ was refreshing and the ice water was nice.

After we ate our long awaited lunch we continued our walk to other ‘view points’.

This is another water picture of the ship and the type of wood structure the seagulls were resting on.

The ships were very amazing and we could walk up close to them but not enter. It was close to the museum and if one had tickets to the museum they could enter the red boat.
We chose to not do that this time.
As we continued to walk we noticed one of the buildings had incredible art work on the outside.

Notice the kitties in the picture and the faces in the windows, it is a very interesting picture.

I stood for quite some time just looking at each detail, it was amazing to see the creative pictures.

A very cool red door was nearby one of the pictures it brought a whimsical look to the building for sure.

The trip was fun and we had great times of chatting and sharing together. Another day of our coast trip to Astoria.

The flag on the ferry boat waving in the wind reminding me always to say “God bless our America.”