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Other thoughts about the show Heartland.
The more I have thought about this show the more I realize it is so good.
The family all participated in the caring for the livestock.
There are chores for the kids, age appropriate of course.
The stalls for the horses had to be cleaned, which includes scooping the messes.
The horses had to be exercised not just by one person but by all who are able.
There were cattle drives where most all of the adults had to go and agree to help.
It was not an option. When Grandpa Jack said, “tomorrow” he meant it.
There was respect in the home.
No one was allowed to be sassy or entitled to ‘miss’ chores.
Dinner was mostly around the table and sometimes they had a small argument but more than once it was peaceful.
Traditions were passed down from one to another.
The family included a few who were adopted or fostered into the family.
No one was turned down.
Amy Fleming was married to a vet in training named TY. It was a love story of such sweetness.
I don’t think a lot of families these days have a working relationship like this ‘tv’ family.
Yes, I do realize it’s a TV family not too different than the Waltons or Little house on the prairie.
I think the unique part is the main character, Grandpa Jack.
He listens, guides, disciplines in a great and gentle way, he shares his opinion and does not push it.
He is a rock to those all around the farm.
Oh, and there is also a family cemetery where loved ones had been buried many years ago.
In town there is a family ‘restaurant’ which surprisingly reminded me of my own grandma’s restaurant.
The old-style tables and the bar stools one could spin around and around on.
The slick vinyl seats not only were a hazard at times, but they were cold to the skin too.
I will keep thinking about this show and may even order the books.
It is a series that is worth the time and the effort to watch, and think about, as I share,
other thoughts about the show Heartland.