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Isaiah 28:27
And at the harvest, the delicate herbs and spices,
the dill and cumin, are treated delicately.
On the other hand, wheat is threshed and milled, but still not endlessly.
The farmer knows how to treat each kind of grain.
He’s learned it all from God-of-the-Angel-Armies,
who knows everything about when and how and where.
Joining Deidra from jumping tandem and the Sunday community
This is a working grist mill in Washington State called Cedar Creek.
It is run by water and turbine and throttle pressure.
When they turn the machine on the water is moved up into the mill using old fashioned pulleys.
The water level determines the type of grain that can be milled and threshed.
If it has not rained recently and the water level is too low hard grain such as ‘wheat’ cannot be threshed.
The day we visited we were able to take home a fresh bag of corn meal and also a fresh bag of pancake and waffle mix which are stored in my freezer.

The water runs freely towards the old mill. 
Falls coming down from the top of the grist mill.