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October is breast cancer awareness month.
I have always gone into the hospital for routine mammograms because of the need to watch a few spots.
I went every six months.
Till everything changed the end of 2019.
One mammogram looked suspicious, and I was to go in and get checked on a more intense level.
December of 2019 I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma stage zero.
The plan was set in place for treatment.
My surgeon, oncologist and I set the plan in motion.
December 29th I had an ultrasound.
I had a biopsy after Christmas, and then I had surgery.
A lumpectomy where they remove a portion of the tissue and surrounding areas.
Then I had to heal from that experience.
I had stitches from a very good surgeon, and I had to be careful of tight things around my site.
In a short amount of time, I had consultation, mammogram, ultrasound, consultation again, and scheduled surgery.
The biopsy was difficult as it was a stand up, mammogram biopsy I told the guy doing it, “can you numb me down to my toes?”
Whatever he did, it was done well as I had minimal pain during the process.
The biopsy actually removed the cancer cells and after that I was scheduled to receive 16 sessions of radiation instead of the 20 that were scheduled for me.
February 5th I had a CT scan on the 3rd and a bone scan on the 5th. I also had an MRI in December of 2019
Radiation began February 10th for four weeks every day with a consult with that oncology doctor in the process of treatment.
I did not have to take chemotherapy which was such a blessing.
I remember walking past the room where those getting treatment rested as the tubes ran through their veins.
Surgery day was actually January 7th followed by 4-6 weeks of radiation. On the 16th doctors office called with a clear report.
Radiation to begin February 10th.
January I started a new medication to prevent cancer recurrence.
As you can tell by reading this, every diagnosis is a major thing.
They don’t waste time on the treatment plan.
It is still a little jumbled as to what we did, how we did and how we coped.
All I know is every mammogram can be life changing.
I was able to ring the bell after treatment and I pray I don’t ever have to do it again.
For those who fight the fight, I pray for you. Remain strong and remain steady.
October is breast cancer awareness month. If you haven’t scheduled one, please do.