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The journey to Bethlehem
meant many days and nights of traveling for them and as any expectant mom
I am sure the urgent need to get settled before delivery laid heavy on Mary’s heart.
I wonder if she whispered as they walked along the gravel road
“Joseph I need to rest, I need to lay down.”
Where would she get her rest in the middle of no where.
There was no soft bed or pillows.
Warm comforting blankets or peaceful music.
Perhaps the donkey had a blanket with matted fur mixed with animal sweat she could rest on.
There was no place of comfort or even family to care for her.
She was alone to deliver her first born baby with no experience and no one to help her.
As they entered the city Joseph found an inn and asked the keeper
if they could stay as Mary was soon to deliver and needed to rest. 

The answer was no and they were turned away.
I am sure their spirits were low as the fatigue set in
and desperation was high as they were tired and
weary from the long journey to Bethlehem.
 Joseph wondering what to do next had to find something
for Mary and the baby.
 Walking a bit further they came upon a stable
I wonder if he thought ‘this would be a safe place’.
We have a little children’s book of the nativity story and
 in an effort to make the story simple and easy for a little one to understand
 I have interpreted it this way.
When Joseph asked the innkeeper if there was any room for them
the innkeeper said,
“No there is no room for you in the inn” so they walked away and
as Joseph found a stable filled with animals he asked Mary
 if they could sleep in the barn with them and she said, ‘Yes it is ok ‘
so Joseph took Mary and helped her to lay down in some soft hay and soon it was time for her to have her baby.
He cleaned out a manger which normally was for feeding the animals
 and found fresh hay so 
he could place the new baby in there to sleep.
A baby was born in the city of Bethlehem
and it would change the world forever.