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The next funny moment with police officers happened just a few months after the last incident.

One night I was sitting in our family room watching a detective show.

I like criminal minds or NCIS or other detective shows like documentaries as long as they are not too ‘gruesome’ in details.
This particular night I was in my bathrobe, and it was late around 10:30-11:00 and enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing before bed.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
I could not imagine who would be visiting this time of night.
Looking out the little hole in my door I noticed officers in uniform standing on the step.

I opened the door and saw one of them over by my garage and two of them standing before me as I greeted them in my bathrobe.
I asked them, “Can I help you?”
They said to me, “Mam we think someone is in your home and we are here to see what is going on inside your house and make sure you are safe.”
I was shocked by what I heard because I knew it was only me and my cat and my husband who had gone to bed earlier.

They continued, “There was a 911 call from your home and we have been monitoring your open phone line and listening to conversations and we feel you are in danger perhaps there is an intruder in there with you.”
I was still shocked.
If there was an intruder wouldn’t I know it? asking myself who on earth would dial 911?
I said to them, “I will be right back” as I shut the front door leaving them standing there waiting for the door to open again and not knowing if I really had a bad guy guiding my every move.
I rushed upstairs as fast as my slippers and bathrobe would let me, and woke up my husband asking him. “Did you call 911?”  He was asleep and answered me in a groggy tone, “why would he do that?” he asked me, “what was going on” and I told him “we had police at our door.” Then I rushed back downstairs to open the door again this time I found all three officers standing there requesting to come in to our home.
(In case this ever happens to you it is NOT good advise to shut a door on any officer of the law especially if they think you might be in danger and especially if you have more than one.)
Of course by this time my husband was awake and downstairs inviting all officers in and we chatted about what might have happened.
The phone was set on speed dial and apparently it fell or was knocked into or whatever and it dialed 911. There was no answer on my end of the phone of course because I didn’t know the police were there. They listened to part of the show on tv and apparently thought it was a real situation.

After chatting with them (I was still in my bathrobe) and after they realized ‘we’ were related to our son who worked at the station they left. My husband went back to bed
and I went back to my much needed glass of wine.

As I sat down in my chair and thought about what just took place in the last half hour I wondered what they really heard on that phone call and how long had they been listening?
Was I talking to myself??
or talking to my cat??
What on earth did they hear on the show to cause such a concern and what was I was watching?
Sure hope that never happens again.

Also I wondered what they said to each other as they left our house and what they wrote in the police report.
It must have been very interesting.
The next day I went into my work and I just had to share with anyone who would listen
to another ‘adventure’ in the little home town of Newberg, Oregon.