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When we are talking about moving forward with intention it brings to us a stirring.
The first question that might stir feelings around our ‘plans’ of getting organized; is discovering the ‘why’ you want to change.
Change always requires effort and a stepping forward in a new direction.
Knowing the ‘why’ behind the movement is critical to your success.
It is really helpful when we can either write it down or verbally say out loud.
The reason I want to organize is: to get rid of clutter and simplify my living space.
That is our ‘why’.
We make this a new goal and we focus on change and new agenda’s.
In order for me to feel motivated I have to see progress, I have to know visually I can do this by myself and feel empowered because I did it.
The other question to ask is who is the battle for? if you are married is it a mutual goal?
If you are single is it to be on track better and more efficiently?
Someone said this week in order to accomplish anything well, we have to dig deep within ourselves to find our purpose and peace.
If we are struggling with this process of moving forward with intention, ask ‘why’.
The struggle is real, and has a sabotaging power so we must stop if this happens and regroup our intention and our focus.
It is ok to give yourself permission to take a break before returning to the tasks.
When we so return to our process of intentional cleaning we will know what gets us frustrated and what takes our mind off of the intended goal.
Motivation to change and do better is an inside job, it is not just ‘cleaning a room’.
It is allowing yourself a new day to breathe better.
It is a focusing on a new day for simpler living.
Simplicity is clearing space in our heads and in our homes for positive energy and hope.
Are we ready to move forward with a purpose?
Let’s encourage each other as we do this together.