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We set aside a day for exploring, planning meals out and snacks.
The weather was beautiful and we didn’t even have to wear coats.
We went down to the section of the beach that held the wreck of the Peter Iredale ship, the remains have been wrapped in sand for years and it is just a shell of what it was at one time. From wikepedia:
[The Peter Iredale was a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel that ran ashore October 25, 1906, on the Oregon coast en route to the Columbia River. It was abandoned on Clatsop Spit near Fort Stevens in Warrenton about four miles (6 km) south of the Columbia River channel. Wreckage is still visible, making it a popular tourist attraction as one of the most accessible shipwrecks of the Graveyard of the Pacific.]
There are many pictures in the history of Oregon beaches books if you are interested in the full story.
WE tried to get pictures when people were not standing around it.
After seeing that area of the beach by car, we drove down the road to a place where the intersection of the waters of the Columbia River and the ocean meet.
We had never seen this beach before so it was pretty exciting for both of us.
Powerful and moving, we saw the pelicans flying over head as we were watching dogs splash in the oceans waves.
The beach was calm and beautiful. We were able to see ships out in the ocean and the beauty of the majestic ocean surrounding them.
It is a powerful thing to see a massive ship moving through the ocean fast. It is one thing to watch I cannot imagine how it feels to be on it.
We never get tired of the ocean. It is beautiful and peaceful and ever so powerful.
We love the sounds of the birds, and the waves and the fresh air and occasional ‘person’ who chats with us as we watch the beauty around us.
This time it was a little Mennonite lady dressed in her homemade dress with shawl sewed in her collar.
Her hair pinned tightly under the hat that seemed a bit disheveled.
She was asking many questions of us as they were traveling from Ohio and was not sure which direction to go next.
We finished sharing and we walked back to the parking lot with her and I could not believe her husband was in the passenger seat with grown beard and looking like a typical Amish man or Mennonite man. It was very interesting to see her climb into the drivers seat as they drove away.
Life is full of surprises and we never know who we might meet in the process.
Our days were ending in the campsite and we were heading out the next day to head home.
It was a fun adventure and also relaxing and it also taught us to look at something differently in a new and exciting way.
Next time we will get the same camp site and be more prepared for a better, longer and easier walk.