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The next cast of characters we see in this story of baby Jesus, were the Wisemen.
In our modern day ‘versions’ of Mary and Joseph and Jesus in the manger we often have the Wise-men arriving when the shepherds were there.
That actually was not a very accurate bit of information for it was months even up to a year or two, before they saw the child.
There were no names given that we could know but modern ‘theologians’ say they were named, Gaspar, Melchior and Bathasar.
I am not sure how anyone would know that, but some say these men were considered wise men or Magi.
They brought to the baby special gifts not normally given to a young child.
Gold was considered to be a symbol of divinity, frankincense was a symbol of righteousness, myrhh was a spice used for embalming it symbolizes bitterness, suffering and affliction.
Now if Mary or Joseph knew any of this information it would be quite unsettling for them I would assume.
As young parents you are not expecting these type of gifts given to your tiny little son.
It has been said they arrived on the scene after traveling 800-900 miles on camel or by walking.
It took a long time of travel to get there.
There were no fast cars or ways of travel in those days.
They were sent by Herod who had a motive unknown to them as they traveled.
They were actually doing a ‘duty’ for him, only we will find out later it back fired on Herod.
Some of the nativity story as we know it has been created to make a ‘wonderful little’ story book setting.
It actually was a rough road for many who journeyed their way to Bethlehem.
The travel was long, hard and tiresome.
The marvelous ways God showed up were amazing, and the story continued with each and every character.
The next cast of characters were the wise men, playing a part of the role that God had chosen for them.
They followed the star and trusted in the process.
The teach us to listen to the stillness of God. To follow what they knew to be true.
They humbled themselves and they recognized the worth of their gifts, for they knew the word of God
and they knew it was a appointment for them orchestrated by God.
The story continues as we journey towards the end.